girl:Quantum- a care giver's rules for staying alive while dealing with dementia

(a time traveling memoir)


Girl:quantum Rule No. 42  - Think sequel. 

Loss is a bitch until you realize that the old cranky broad is really a great friend.  Loss cleans house. For me, it’s about trusting, I still have enough – when things change.  Its about faith that the universe is a friendly place and “wants me here.”



If you are still breathing (and not divine compost) focus on what will compel and propel you forward. 

Right now that new thing is growing in the compost of my life. It’s been there waiting for me to notice all my life.  Make a sequel, or a prequel. Its not too late.



My only real chance for ‘life after death’ grows out of the manure of living so we all have an real good shot at it.