girl:Quantum- a care giver's rules for staying alive while dealing with dementia

(a time traveling memoir)


Girl:quantum rule No. 27 – Keep moving.

I trust my gut. Bring it on.  My gut and I have an understanding.  We digest the world, together, separating the good and useful stuff from the B.S.  The path forward will be discerned.



“Trust your beautiful guts” Francine Brevetti


I met an amazing woman.  The occasion was Grandma Olga and her 100th birthday party.  She was tiny and she sparkled with gravitas; it was not just her eyes but her countenance.  She had come over on the boat from Prague to America alone as an adolescent with her kid brother in tow.   She had married, had a lots of children, hard times, and good times.  She was now surrounded by grandkids, and many great, great relationships. “What is your secret?” I asked her in the middle of the happy party chaos.  She answered in the grounded way that only a good old crone with deep roots and healed scars can say.  She looked me in the eye and said:


“ Keep Moving.” - Grandma Olga at 100


Take big bites (of life.) Let it flow through you; keep moving and trust your gut to digest it all – the sweetness, the nutrients and the junk-food judgments.  The remaining B.S. goes back to the good earth from which it came.