girl:Quantum- a care giver's rules for staying alive while dealing with dementia

(a time traveling memoir)


Girl:quantum rule No. 21 – Diva Breathe

The first rule of caring for yourself and others is to exhale. An extreme exhale allows me a glamorous and sensational inhale: inspiration and expiration.  Breathing well surrenders control (which I don’t have) and steps you into the moment (which I do.) It is energy I need to live well, to love well and to create when it’s not well.


 “ Improper breathing is the cause of most illnesses today” - Dr. Andrew Weil

“The respiratory system should be responsible for eliminating 70% of our metabolic waste.
The remainder

should be eliminated through defecation 3%, urination 8%, and perspiration 19%,  - Psychology Today. 4/2012 


I don’t breathe well. It’s unconscious.  I hold my breath, or shallow breathe – never really letting it go.  I only take the breath I really need because I have been too afraid for a long, long time that something will break.


But, now that my mother is dead and our 11 year-old caretaking house-of-cards has fallen in on itself, I am seeing things differently. I am breathing for me but also for the “us” of that bond, perhaps only until I figure out what is dead and what wants to live in this “good-daughter-in-mourning” that I have become.