girl:Quantum- a care giver's rules for staying alive while dealing with dementia

(a time traveling memoir)


Girl:quantum rule No. 12 – Do not be anxious.

Being anxious spoils the quality of moments and takes you out of seeing possibilities for your life. It dams you up, if you can get upstream of it, you can restore yourself.  Think of yourself as a salmon looking to get back home. Anxiety is a dam. Your goal is upstream to the promised land of forgiveness and acceptance (or at least sex.) Your life is in the flow of water.

Worry and fear are downstream and the result of anxiety:



Upstream is where I want to go to live my life.  If I were a superhero, ( I am not) I would accept the world as it is.  Tonight, it is too hard to get there. Do not be anxious’ is reachable and a better place to eddy in the stream.