girl:Quantum - a care giver's rules for staying alive while dealing with dementia

(a time traveling memoir)


E.E. Hager Bio

EE Hager was born an artist on the prairie. She began adult life as a Landscape Architect on the West coast. Due to that design and sustainability training, she understands the world as a natural system.  She transferred those skills to the digital landscape when she moved again leaving Tulsa 20 years ago to make San Francisco and the Bay area home. 

She has been a software entrepreneur with serial experience - some rewarding and some not. But all have been 'successful' from the perspective of reaching this present moment which is good. EE Hager is an observer of all these “worlds” in her writing.  Her metaphors employ her whole experience as well as the succulent world of cooking and eating in Northern California.



Credentials for this memoir are from the front lines of love.  EE Hager showed up for eleven years; she has journeyed with her mother from bedside to just short of the other side – with a couple of stops in Italy and Greece – and survived for the after-life of her death. 

She took care of Elizabeth, for 5 years in her home, then attended her in assisted living for another five.  In the eight months in hospice, the ending days were at times so confusing: sweet and sad but also satisfying. It has compelled her to parse this conundrum in their story for herself and any readers who might be open to a true-live adventure about staying alive while showing up for the death of a loved one. Girl:Quantum is intended to be the kind of guide that makes this journey seem more like teamwork than isolation or that is its goal.

You, the reader, will decide if qirl:Quantum is successful in that voyage. Please contact us. There are currently fifteen million unpaid, volunteer (or drafted) dementia caregivers like us in America.

There is no more dear a battle than this nor, the author believes better practice for a good life after death.