girl:Quantum - a care giver's rules for staying alive while dealing with dementia

(a time traveling memoir)

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About the book

girl:Quantum is a personal story of a modern mother-daughter. The book explores the metaphor of time and time traveling to see dementa and death differently. Memory follows a quantum ordering not a linear one. Loss stimulates our thinking about a life well lived. Remembering better - now or later - explores loss and healing as a part of life. The book is a poignant but lighthearted remedy that a 'good daughter' found to ease her sadness at the loss of a piece of herself - her mother.

girl:Quantum is also a rulebook for staying alive while dealing with death. It is the kind of guide that makes the journey seem more like community than solitary confinement. It is a book that sees caregiving as extending to the care givers after death of a loved one. It is a book that can make your after-life grow into a good life.


Unfortunately, the market for girl:Quantum is accumulating and accelerating every year. As society ages, the costs of caring for a loved one with dementia are growing:

The book is not ABOUT dementia, as such, but more focused on what it means to show up for love on the front lines of death.  Dementia is a just particularly long and pitched battle :

• As many as 5.1 million Americans have dementia & Alzheimer’s disease and that number is likely to double in the coming years.

• Fifteen million Americans and their families are currently providing caregiving to loved ones with dementia.

• 720,000 care givers per year lose a loved one to dementia